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	Treasury of World Culture : Archaeological Sites 
and Urban Centers UNESCO World Heritage (UNESCO World Heritage) 	
Our Magnificent Wilderness: Forty of the World's Most Beautiful Places Selected by UNESCO (Hardcover, 2002)
Author: Claes Grundsten, Peter Hanneberg


Human Relations Area Files, Inc. -
A non-profit consortium of schools and research institutions collecting and compiling information to facilitate cross-cultural studies in ethnography and archaeology. Features list of publications and subscription information.

Smithsonian Institution Anthropology Outreach Office -
Provides leaflets, bibliographies, and instructor's packets for teaching a variety of topics.

Anthropology Tutorials -
Lessons on various topics in cultural and physical anthropology. Includes glossaries, practice quizzes, and lists of related links.

Anthropological Center for Training -
A research group at Indiana University, Bloomington that focuses on the human dimensions of global environment change. Features information on training, an online newsletter, and provides a list of publications.

Institute for Anthropological Research -
Features current research, an overview of the department and faculty profiles. Also offers links to related sites. Located in Zagreb, Croatia

National Anthropological Archives -
The NAA collects and preserves historical and contemporary anthropological materials that document the world's cultures and the history of anthropology.

California Academy of Sciences -
Offers educational exhibits and events. Features research and publications, collection highlights, on-line database of artifacts and information on the Academy's Traditional Arts Program. Located in San Francisco, California.

Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records -
An organization that encourages the preservation and use of research records. Features information on grants and workshops and provides access to the National Guide to Anthropological Records database.

Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity -
An outreach program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis that offers instruction to people of all ages in both cultural and physical anthropology. Site features lesson plans and educational resources.

FAQs for Sci.Anthropology -
Frequently asked questions for the Usenet newsgroup. Offers basic information on the field.

Anthropological Studies Center -
A non-profit center at Sonoma State University dedicated to cultural resources management, education, research, and public service.

NSF Anthropology Program -
The National Science Foundation's research initiative to promote basic scientific research on the causes and consequences of human social and cultural variation. Features grants and awards information, staff directory, and history of the program.

Encyclopaedia of the Orient -
Numerous definitions of Arabic life, customs, and places.

Banglapedia, 1st Edition -
National encyclopedia of Bangladesh with full-text and images in alphabetical order of 10 volumes. Site includes a search facility.

NativeWeb -
Resources for indigenous cultures around the world: directory and news.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Indigenous Studies -
Comprehensive list of indigenous and fourth world resources.

Center For World Indigenous Studies -
An independent, non-profit organization; studies and promotes the ideas and knowledge of indigenous peoples and their social, economic and political status. Fourth World Documentation Project online library; information on CWIS sponsored educational programs.

International Indian Treaty Council -
An international organization of indigenous peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the sovereignty and self-Determination of indigenous peoples and the recognition and protection of indigenous rights, traditional cultures and sacred lands.

GeoNative -
Luistxo Fernandez lists place names in minority languages, generally those of native peoples and nations without state, which usually never appear in maps.

Aboriginal Links International -
A directory of sites related to indigenous people around the world. -
Web portal of information on indigenous people, lifeskills, and art worldwide. Also with sections on sovereignty, neotribalism, and historical reenactment.

Ainu (14)
Australian Aboriginals (167)

Pacific Islanders (52)
Russian Arctic and Siberian Natives (171)
Sami (20)

Native Americans


The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples -
Representing Canada's Metis, off-reserve and non-treaty Indians.

Dictionaries and Grammars of Indigenous Languages of Mexico -
Organized by language family, in alphabetical order, this list includes other related books published by the Summer Institute of Linguistics/Instituto Lingüístico de Verano (Mexico). English/Spanish.

In the Long Run: The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico -
Documentary about the Tarahumara of Mexico in real audio format.

Peoples of the World : Their Cultures, Traditions, and Ways of Life -- by David Maybury-Lewis People Around the World -- by Antony Mason A Life Like Mine

Declaration of Human Rights in 331 Languages

UNESCO - UN Publications - International Sites
United Nations Handbook [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] Permanent Missions To The United Nations Journal </a><br><br>
<a href= Treasury of World Culture : Archeological Sites and Urban Centers (UNESCO World Heritage)
by Valerio Terraroli

Monumental Sites : Treasury of World Culture (Treasury of World Culture)
by Valerio Terraroli The Art of War (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works)
by Samuel B. Griffith Museum International English Edition
Museum International English Edition Museum International French Edition><a/>

<a href=

World Heritage Review English Edition


First Nations Drum

UN Observer & International Report - Diogenist Press Ltd

Chronique Des Nations Unies = Un Chronicle - United Nations Publications

United Nations Publications Microprint

Nation This Month

Noguchi in Paris: The UNESCO Garden by Marc Treib

UNESCO Study Abroad: 32nd Edition
UNESCO World Heritage Desk Diary 2006

Eastern cultures: A Unesco Courier anthology, by Anila Graham

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