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ERCIM Calendar
European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. Events and Conferences in Applied Mathematics and IT.

SIAM Conferences
Specialized conferences, short courses, and workshops in applied and computational mathematics.
Netlib Conferences Database
The Netlib Conferences Database contains information about upcoming conferences, lectures, and other meetings relevant to the fields of mathematics and computer science.
Agenda of Conferences in Mathematics
European Mathematical Society site for announcing mathematical talks and seminars. English, French and German version. Searchable by date, subject, location and language.
Mathematics Calendar
A comprehensive international calendar maintained by the AMS.
Joint Mathematics Colloquium
Brandeis-Harvard-MIT-Northeastern Joint Mathematics Colloquium current calendar.
ICM2002 Satellite Conferences
Meetings arranged in conjunction with the International Congress in August 2002.
Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts
Calendar of conferences in mathematics, statistics, computer science and related areas; abstracts of talks presented at such conferences; helps organizers of conferences to simplify conference management.
UK National Symposia List
Details of symposia in the mathematical sciences in the UK lasting at least a week, maintained at the Isaac Newton Institute.
History of Mathematics Meetings
British Sociey for the History of Mathematics calendar.
LMS Calendar of Meetings
Events organised by or associated with the London Mathematical Society.
4ecm Satellite Conferences
List of meetings arranged in conjunction with the 4th European Congress of Mathematics, June/July 2004.
MAT-NYT Calendar
Calendar of mathematics events in Denmark.
LMS Diary of Mathematical Meetings
Mainly UK and European meetings.
Australasian Conferences
Regional list maintained by the Australian Mathematical Society.
Number Theory Conferences, New and Old
Part of the Number Theory Web, compiled by Keith Matthews.
K-theory Calendar
Past and future events, maintained in conjunction with the K-theory Archive at UIUC.
CIRM Mathematical Meetings
Centre International de Rencontres Math?atiques, Marseilles, France. Calendar of meetings.
EMIS Conference Announcements
Mathematical conference announcements, indexed by date and subject.
Mathematics Conferences
A directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops, events and business meetings.
Conferences in the Czech Republic
A list maintained by the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists.

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