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Ancient Persia

إقليمـي    العودة إلى صفحة الأدلة الرئيسية: [الإنجليزية]  [English]  

Al-Mamlakah al-'Arabiyah as-Sa'udiyah

Arabian Coffee Trading Card 1891Coffee Maker mill
City and Temple of Mecca, Antique and Modern Advertising>

Mecca, (Makka,) the
great holy city of Islam, lies in the heart of a group of hills, a
sort of outpost to the great mountain wall that divides the coast lands 
from the central plateau--a sterile valley about
45 miles east from Jidda on the Red Sea. 

The hills surrounding Mecca are intersected by a large
number of minor valleys connecting with the principal
passes of the mountain ranges beyond, thus giving ample means
for commercial relations with the outside world. 

Long before Mohammed, Mecca was established
in the two-fold character of a commercial centre and a point for
religious homage--religious observances for pilgrims being
held jointly with a series of annual fairs in the sacred
locality. The special ceremonies of the great feast were always
arranged to occur at the time of readiness for the market of the
hides, fruits and other merchandise. The victory of
Mahommetanism greatly enlarged the importance of the city,
making it the centre of pious resort for the entire Mohammedan
world; but the curious ceremonies of Islamism savor in many details
of the ancient heathen rituals. The ancient walls were only at
three points where three gates led into the town. The length of
the main axis of the city from the farthest suburbs of the
Medina road to those of the extreme north, now frequented by
Bedouins, is called 300 paces.

About in the middle of this line is the vast enclosure containing
the sacred Kaaba and other holy places. 
This is the only architectural feature of any significance in the city. 
The Kaaba was the chief sanctuary of
Mecca in very ancient times. 
Its walls are covered with rich curtains of black silk
embroidered with texts from the Koran in gold. The grand object
of reverence is a great black stone in one corner of the
building, placed at a convenient height for the kisses of the

ARABIA Trading Card, written in 1891

The Arabians are and always have been a nation of nomads. They pitch their tents and remove their camps whenever they will. Their land is in great part a desert, but throughout dotted with the most fruitful and lovely of oasis. As a race, the Arabians are quick, agile, alert and supple. Like the steeds for which the land is famous, they are built more for speed and grace, than for strength and endurance. Their tent life is much more comfortable and even luxurious than it is generally credited to be.
      The Harem, although not exclusively an Arabian institution, is the natural home of the women of this nation. In certain respects the harem is of course the dreariest, most lonesome and enendurable spot on earth. But as far as creature wants are concerned, the harem life is, in a superlative degree, the acme of luxury.
'       The love which the Arabs bear for their horses is proverbial, and the relations between man and animal are often wonderfully close. These equines seem to be endowed with almost human intelligence, and wonderfully attached to their masters.
      Next in affection come the camels, most faithful and patient of slaves. These beasts of burden serve better through the hot and arid waste of the desert, than even horses.
      The Arabs indulge in but few games and none not known in other lands. Their pastimes consist chiefly in story-telling and feasting.
      Banqueting is a fine art with the Arabians. Flowers, music and censors diffusing delicate fragrance add their charms to these feasts. Voices of singing men and women are heard, and ravishing slave-girls are made to dance.

Museum Of Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Photographic Print

Global Gallery:: Patricia Lynch : Orchid Beauty (Flowers & 

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Bodum Global Gallery:: Patricia Lynch : Orchid Symmetry (Flowers & 



National Museum of Saudi Arabia
Information on Islamic and Pre-Islamic sites and collections. Includes virtual tours for every gallery.

Al Mansouria Foundation
Dedicated to the promotion of art and culture. Has links to activities, collections, artists and similar.

Al-Rashid Cyber Mall Art Gallery
A collection of paintings about or by Saudi Arabia.

American International School - Riyadh
An independent, co-educational day school which offers an enriched North American curriculum for grades K-10. Founded in 1963, it is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Jubail Industrial College
Offers 2 and 3 year diploma programs in engineering and business studies.

British International School Al-khobar Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province.
A firm that provides educational services for stock market investors.

Schools in Saudi Arabia!international.htm
A list of some international schools searchable by city.


Arab Woman
(Foremother Legacies) by Fay Afaf Kanafani

UNDP | United Nations Development Programme
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
UN system Network on Rural Development and Food Security · Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping Systems ... - 16k - 27 شباط (فبراير) 2006 - نسخة مخبأة - صفحات شبيهة

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Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
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United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP
Promotes environmental understanding, and increases public knowledge about environmental factors and problems of future generations. - 21k - 27 شباط (فبراير) 2006 - نسخة مخبأة - صفحات شبيهة

UN-HABITAT - United Nations Human Settlements Programme
UN-HABITAT, Shelter, Water, Human settlements, Habitat Agenda,Urban Development, Urban Management,Urban Poverty, Urban Governance, Urban Environment, ... - 27k - 27 شباط (فبراير) 2006 - نسخة مخبأة - صفحات شبيهة

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ...
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Translation of text pages between English and Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian. - 2k - 26 شباط (فبراير) 2006 - نسخة مخبأة - صفحات شبيهة

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